General Info

3-4 days old 7 years
2 weeks old 8 years
*2 months 9 years
*4 months 10 years
*6 months *11 years
9 months 12 years
*12 months 13 years
*15 months 14 years
*18 months 15 years
2 years *16 years
2 1/2 years 17 years
3 years 18 years
4 years 19 years
*5 years 20 years
6 years 21 years

*Immunizations at these visits

Except in cases of emergencies, all patients are seen by appointment. Please schedule routine physicals as far in advance as possible.

It is very important that appointments be cancelled at least 24 hours before the appointment time. A $25 fee is assessed for appointments that are not cancelled prior to the time of the appointment. Late arrivals (15 minutes or more) may be asked to reschedule in order to be fair to patients with later appointment times.

Unless previously arranged with our staff, requests made on arrival to have siblings also be seen by the doctor will not be honored unless time allows.

Each Saturday morning, at least one of our physicians will be available to see ill patients with urgent needs at the East office location. Please call as early as possible, after 8:00 a.m. A nurse will return your call as soon as possible to discuss any concerns you have and, if necessary, schedule an appointment.

If the situation is life threatening, call emergency dispatch at 911.

The telephone is an important tool in any medical practice, allowing us to help you care for your child in many ways. The following information outlines how we can assist you most efficiently and accurately when you call.

We will provide you with handout information and references in anticipation of many of your healthcare questions. Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age Five from the American Academy of Pediatrics is the initial childcare manual we recommend. Please assist us in the care of your child and the management of our time by consulting these sources prior to calling.

Calls regarding routine child care, minor illnesses and prescription refills should be made during regular office hours. You will be asked to leave a message stating your name, phone number where you can be reached, your child’s name and age, and a brief description of symptoms or concerns. Since your doctor may be seeing scheduled patients, a nurse will return your call as soon as possible with priority given to the more urgent concerns.

Our nurses will be able to answer your general medical questions and instruct you in the care of most minor illnesses. If they are unable to do so, the patient chart and your concerns will be reviewed by your doctor as time allows between patient visits. In most cases, the return call will be from the nurse of your child’s physician. When you expect a return call, please leave your line open and stay near the phone.

If your child is ill and an appointment is needed, please call us as early as possible in the day. If you feel your child is seriously ill or there is an emergency, please state this to the staff member who is answering your call.

Calls after office hours should be made only for emergencies or urgent problems that cannot wait until regular office hours. After hours, your call will be answered by Children’s Mercy Hospital call center and a nurse will attempt to call you back within 30 minutes. Please have the necessary information at hand (i.e. names of medications, the phone number of an open pharmacy, your child’s temperature and weight, etc.) If the situation is urgent or you cannot stay at the number given, please indicate this and the nurse will return your call as soon as possible. If your call has not been returned within 45 minutes, please check your phone’s working condition, then call again to verify that the correct phone number was conveyed to the nurse.

A monthly statement will be mailed, or emailed if you have chosen this, to you regarding your child’s account. We expect all accounts to be paid in full within 30 days from the statement date. If you cannot pay the account in full, please call our billing department to establish payment arrangements. An interest fee of 1.5% will be charged for accounts over 150 days.

Our office contracts with most of the insurance carriers in the community. For insurance carriers we contract with, we will file your claims for you to your primary carrier and to one secondary carrier. If your insurance requires you to pay a co-pay for services provided, it must be paid at the time of service. For all medical care that is not covered by insurance, payment is expected at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made.
As children become adolescents, they begin to assume responsibility for their own health and health care. To encourage this, our goal is to work more closely with our patients during their teen years. We will, therefore, at times ask a parent to leave the exam room so that we can speak confidentially with the teenager. Because it is essential that we have the full trust of our adolescent patients so that they can confide in us if the need arises, we will not divulge any information obtained without the consent of the teen, unless we consider the teen’s health at risk. We always encourage open communication between adolescents and their parents.
The confidential nature of the patient-physician and patient-medical staff relationships is always respected at Mid-Kansas Pediatric Associates, P.A. This is a promise we take very seriously. Information in our patients’ medical records will only be released if signed authorization is given by a parent or guardian. Information regarding the patient’s account is also considered confidential.